Cred Launches Monthly Payments

monthly payments

Cred now offers monthly interest payments on rates of up to 10% on the most popular coins like BTC, XRP & ETH

We are thrilled to announce that starting January 15, 2020, Cred will offer monthly interest payments for any new programs and auto re-enrolled programs created on all of our partner platforms. We offer highly competitive interest rates on cryptocurrencies, stablecoin, and fiat with such partners as, Uphold, Bitbuy, and TrueUSD. The highly anticipated launch of monthly interest payments will offer our partners and customers more flexibility in managing their holdings. 

Cred is stepping in where traditional banks have failed customers for years. Today, banks give very little interest, dropping as low as 0% in 2008 and rarely topping 1%. DeFi companies turn traditional banking on its head by eliminating banks as toll collectors and intermediaries, and significantly reducing these high fees through decentralization of traditional financial structures.

Cred is an elite financial product that allows owners of digital assets to earn interest on their crypto and fiat holdings. Cred is able to leverage its returns by lending digital assets to a variety of customer segments, including crypto miners, digital asset companies, crypto investment funds, and retail investors. 

“Cred offers the most competitive interest rates on a wide range of digital assets for the growing blockchain community,” said Dan Schatt, Co-Founder and CEO of Cred. “We’re thrilled to begin 2020 by offering our customers more flexibility and control of their finances through monthly payouts.”

Cred has historically paid interest quarterly in crypto, stablecoin, or fiat. After six months, the crypto is returned to the holder, or they have the option to auto-enroll for additional three-month periods. Cred offers a fixed maturity date and specified fixed interest rate for various asset types. Cred’s insurance coverage is among the most comprehensive in the industry.

Starting today, Cred will offer monthly paid interest in crypto, stablecoin or fiat. Cred currently accepts a remarkable 29 coins, including Bitcoin, XRP, and LTC. Crypto holders can pledge digital assets through Cred’s industry-leading partners to begin earning today. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cred will offer monthly paid interest in crypto, stablecoin or fiat for any new programs.
  • Cred accepts 29 coins and counting including Bitcoin, XRP, ETH, and LTC.
  • Monthly payouts are available to new programs and auto re-enrollments.
  • Existing customers will stay on a quarterly interest payment schedule until the pledge of the asset matures. After the pledge of the asset has matured, they will have the option to re-enroll in monthly payouts.
  • Interest payouts and principal redelivery will continue to be released on the first and the 15th of each month. 

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Disclaimer: CredEarn is the trade name for a service offered to non-US persons by Cred LLC, which is an entity distinct and separate from Cred (US) LLC. CredEarn allows you to extend a loan to Cred LLC. The purpose of the loan is to allow you to earn an enhanced yield on your crypto assets, such as Bitcoin. Cred LLC is not a bank and CredEarn services are not insured by the FDIC. CredBorrow and C-LOC™ are trade names for lending products of Cred (US) LLC, a licensed lender and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cred LLC. Loans, loan amounts, terms, and rates are not available in every jurisdiction, or for every collateral type. The availability of rates, crypto types, loan amounts, and other terms are subject to change. Loan applicants are subject to AML and KYC screening. Terms, conditions, and restrictions apply. Loans made or arranged pursuant to California Finance Lenders Law License 60DBO - 91480.