Cred’s new website is live: check out our new look!

The Cred design, UX, and marketing teams have been hard at work over the past month to launch a new website and blog: KYC. With our updated look-and-feel and our new and improved blog, we’re excited to launch Cred 2.0! 

Our updated website is here

Cred has a unique business model, and we have evolved into a B2B2C company. We operate through partners only, enabling them to offer our earning and borrowing services to their customers through our platform. We’re pleased to give our website visitors competitive services when it comes to the growing crypto industry, and our customers are both partners, like and Uphold, and their customers who register through these partners. It is our job to nurture both relationships. 

With the new website, we keep your customers in mind so they understand how Cred works, how important security and insurance are to us, and where to get started with earning and borrowing. Cred embodies long-lost control and transparency within financial services; we strive to unlock financial possibilities for holders of digital assets. Our updated website aims to bring this commitment to life, incorporating a number of new visual elements, from humanistic and energetic graphics to a warmer color palette. 

“This rebrand is a bold new chapter for Cred. It’s an invitation to our partners and customers: let us show you how to bank on fairness.”
– Dan Schatt, CEO

Clearer messaging

We are proud to be a blockchain-powered financial services company because we believe what we can do is better than a bank. Our new messaging on our website expressly conveys our earn product, borrow product, how to partner with us, and how to use Cred APIs.

1.7 billion adults worldwide do not have access to a bank account, and our mission is to bring better financial services to the unbanked, the underbanked, and the poorly banked. Our new messaging aims to highlight that blockchain doesn’t have to be scary or confusing. Cred aims to drive significant value for crypto wallets, stablecoin providers, and exchanges using our software by offering a platform that customers love and trust, providing marketing insights and helping partners acquire, convert, and retain more customers. 

Check out the new Cred Blog: KYC here.

Disclaimer: CredEarn is the trade name for a service offered to non-US persons by Cred LLC, which is an entity distinct and separate from Cred (US) LLC. CredEarn allows you to extend a loan to Cred LLC. The purpose of the loan is to allow you to earn an enhanced yield on your crypto assets, such as Bitcoin. Cred LLC is not a bank and CredEarn services are not insured by the FDIC. CredBorrow and C-LOC™ are trade names for lending products of Cred (US) LLC, a licensed lender and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cred LLC. Loans, loan amounts, terms, and rates are not available in every jurisdiction, or for every collateral type. The availability of rates, crypto types, loan amounts, and other terms are subject to change. Loan applicants are subject to AML and KYC screening. Terms, conditions, and restrictions apply. Loans made or arranged pursuant to California Finance Lenders Law License 60DBO - 91480.